Viktoria, Aleshia Keisler & Kyrsten Grebe – Columbia, South Carolina South Carolina


All 3 of these “Christian” women tried to go after my husband. and KNEW we were together and had a family. and two of them were supposed to be my “best friends” Viktoria was my best friend for 12 years, I fed her, clothed her, gave her a place to stay more than once, and she hid it from me for 4 years. Aleshia was supposed to be my “sister”, and she tried her damnedest to get him to leave me. saying I abuse him and would use my children to emotionally black mail him. Kyrsten is an ex, they dated maybe a month. and when I moved in she threw a fit and repeatedly posted on Facebook how she wanted him back, wanted to spend her life with him, bought him shit, bought a Superman doll (Superman is his favorite ) and said to him “look at our baby”, bought all kinds of Superman clothes etc knowing we were together… these women give no f**ks and have no respect for anyone’s relationship….

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