Vinesse Wine American Cellars wine club Parma Ohio


Complaint: Vinesse Wine (American cellars wine club) is a total ripoff and scammed me out of hundreds of dollars! I joined in February and agreed to receive six bottles of wine every other month for $69.90, first mistake! The next month they charged me $10. more for the same six bottle shipment and said it was a “shipping”” fee that increased. They finally sent me a “”voucher”” for $30.00 when I tried to redeem it I was told it can only be applied to a purchase other than my monthly shipment. I was later told by another company rep that I can apply it to my regular monthly shipment

Tags: Sales People

Address: which was a lie

Website: even though I am still waiting to receive this month’s wine that I just paid for! They have taken $210.85 from me this month alone and I hanen’t gotten a single shipment this month! I noticed that they have been receiving numerous complaints regarding this same matter with other customers!”

Phone: they charged me $69.90 on 7/08/2010 then “”another rep”” told me it will waive my $30.00 annual membership fee that I’d just found out about! My credit card was charged without any warning on 7/14/2010

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