Vintage Lucy’s Henderson Nevada Review


Vintage Lucy’s is a boutique owned by Tabatha Hasselbrink. While they have adorable clothing for sale, they lure you in and take your money. I have purchased two tops for my daughter from this shop and paid immediately. Three months later and I have nothing to show for my payment. my husband and myself have contacted miss Hasselbrink on numerous occasions only to be told that our items were on their way. After three weeks, two months and three months. All the same reply, they are on their way. Don’t even bother asking for tracking info, because that is a huge no no! finally, we had requested a refund to which she replied that she would gladly refund the full purchase amount. Yet since that request, we have not received our clothing, refund or even a response to our emails. horrible customer service and terrible little scam they have going on there! Buyer beware!!!

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