VIP travel club ,Royal Sunset Hotel New York New York Review


My wife, and I were harassed into signing a false timeshare deal by represented Isa Leltk at nRoyal Sunset hotel in Cancun Mexico. After two days of signing contract # 28 23-183 on nApril 17, 2013 we went to cancel our contract with representative Isa Leltk on April 19 2013.Isa took us with sales manager Pepe Schgima who was very combative hostile towards usn, and who told us to write in a peace of paper the reason for our cancelation. nWe stated financial hardship, and he signed as well. We didn’t feel comfortable with only nA piece of paper as evidence of cancelation of our membership. Pepe was nExtremely rude and stated ” that’s all I can give you Guy’s””.While signing our contract

the hotel provided us with a consumer representative nMr Ray Rubio who I contacted via email on April 19


and told Mr Rubio that we were leaving nTo the USA on April 22

2013 and wanted proof of our membership cancelation because nWe didn’t feel comfortable with Pepe’s document. Mr Rubio responded saying that he forward the email nTo his executive

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