Virginia (Jini) Wimmer – Pagosa Springs, Colorado Colorado


This low form of life was hired by my husband company as a life coach. She spent 2 days with the company. She was supposed to be helping the employees with reaching their potential. Since she left, she has tried to get my young husband to see her. She has been calling him and trying to flirt with him. He is disgusted with her. She started out just being friendly. My husband is a nice person. He didn’t want to tell her to get lost. She has moved on to making innuendos about how she could help him be the best he could be. The last phone call he took from her was when she blatantly told him what sexual acts she could preform on him. He has now blocked her number and reported her to the CEO of the company. I am only posting this so others will know to stay away from her or her life coach business. She mainly works in Colorado and New Mexico.

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