Visa USA Now Review


My wife made google search with"us embassy mongolia" and find this company web site at top. Then she went to this company’s website to apply for a U.S visa for me. She just filled the initial steps, then I recived an email from [email protected] to complete rest of my US visa application. I filled in the form and then even paid the so called ‘required’ fees of $160.00 before realizing that this is not a true website rather some suspicious company. I got a confirmation email stating they would be in touch with her in one business day. 3 business days later, I haven’t heard back from them. I called USA local embassy and they said they hadn’t heard about this web site and no information about me received to them through this company .Hence I went ahead and asked for a refund. This company usaVISAnow is totally a fraud company and is not willing to return back my $160.00.I got error when sening email to this address like "A message that you sent could not be delivered " Now still asking money like 115$ to gte me a VISA

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