Vision Communities Management Review


Our complaint would mirror the other complaint against Vision Communities Management. They will tell you that they have only lost two communities since they have been in business. But that is nearly impossible to believe given the growing number of visible complaint against them. Staff turnover also is a red flag. A COA or HOA should hire someone who looks out for the best interest of the HOA or COA. VCM is out for what benefits them. What they promised and what they did were not congruent. They wanted full control of our bank account and our website so that it would be extremely difficult for us to fire them. They did not follow the governing documents of our association. They do not ask “what can we do better?” Instead they deflect and go on the offensive blaming or attacking anyone who questions or points their mistakes and/or misdeeds. An example of one of their mistakes: Our association lost money on dues because they sent statements with the wrong amounts. The amounts were less than what they should have been. But instead of sending corrected statements, they just collected the wrong amounts even after someone pointed out to them that they had billed incorrectly. .

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