VistaCare Hospice Services 85260 Arizona Review


This is a Hospice company who has 38 sites throughout the United States. They sell themselves as being an “open door”” policy and that they show compassion to people/families who have been diagnoised with 6 or less months to live. As an employee for over 3 years

the business started out small and with love and concern for the patients BUT as it has grown

in the finance department I was asked to do such fraudulant things as double billing insurance for expensive medications and also

to cut down on cost of medications for the patients (asked to go to generic) I think patient care should be coming first before all the greed they are showing-money first

patients secondly. nThey recently went public and I beleive the CEO/CFO are just in the business to make some money off the stocks and then they will sell out the company. After my refusal to double bill for medications

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