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My mother keep hearing the advertisement on the radio, she kept hearing it and decided to try it. She was surprised that it wasn’t free trial as told on their radio ad but wanting to prevent further deterioration of eyesight, she signed up being told that the total packgae price was $69.80 in five payments. nI gave her my card since I said It is $70 bucks divided in 5 payments. In december I was surprised to see a charge for $69.80 but thought that they may have charge the full price at one time. In January 2005, i saw another charge of $69.80. This time I called in and was able to speak to a certain Mr. Bill Hinckley. He said that they specifically say that it is a five times charge of $69.80 and I told him and my mother told him that no, she was told $69.80 for the full price and to be paid in five equal payments. nMr. Hinclkey told my mother that they would investigate and that there is a paperwork that needs to be signed for them to listen to the pre-recorded transaction. It has been 3 weeks and no such paper came to our house. Worst of all, they charged me $69.80 once again, there by having me pay the penalty to my credit card company for the over the limit charge. nTHE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK. IT DID NOT WORK FOR MY MOM AND IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME WHEN I TRIED IT TOO. People running this said company should go to jail and every one affected should be reimbursed. I am not wealthy to dole out $350 for a DVD and VHS that is WORTHLESS and people working and promoting this product should be ASHAMED for targeting the elderly and hard working people whose only desire is to protect themselves. nNonanlos angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.


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