Hi,n nI have placed an order at VITACOST on 30th Jan 2012 and order number is 14450871 and shipped by DHL, but I have not received the parcel yet until now (6th March 2012).n nI contacted VITACOST several times and they always evaded the issue and asked me to provide our country customs documentation to prove that the parcel never held by the customs. but does any country customs can provide it? It’s very funny! I called our custmos and they never provided it before.n nI got the email from the carrier DHL and they proved the parcel never arrived my country, I forwarded this email to VITACOST and they never reply my email and never refund me if no customs documentation.n nTheir customer service is worst that I have encountered and they seeked pretext everytime and never solve my problem. I am very dissappointed about VITACOST and scared to shopping on it. It is the first and the last time shopping with VITACOST.n nMs Qin

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