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After moving to FL my husband needed a new certified copy of his birth certificate to get a FL ID and tax purposes (he’s quad) We used Vitalcheck since Oklahoma showed that they were partnered with them for this service and Vitalcheck has express service that showed 5 to 7 day service for a fee. All this was ordered and paid for on July 2,2013 On the 25th we received a email with a phone number to call so we did. Vitalchek claimed that OK required the middle names of his parents. After telling them that no middle names were used on the original BC (we have a photostatic copy) they still stated middle names were needed so we provided that information. During the past 2 months we have received nothing but a run around trying to find out what happened with the birth certificate and express service. Finally yesterday Sept 10 a little over 2 mos we received a email saying this. Dear Customer,Your order was cancelled because it has exceeded the max time frame to verify information. You may contact us directly at 877.817.7364 and provide us your order number to get this matter taken care of.Sincerely,VitalChek Online Support I called and all they did was verify the information they were given over 2 mos ago. I asked about a refund especially for the fast service and I was told the express service didn’t start untill the request reached OK. After asking if the request has ever been sent to OK he said no and agreed with me that this order has been sitting at Vitalchek all this time and nothing was done. I was told it is now out of their hands and they are no longer responsible once it’s sent to OK for processing. Since it was supposedly sent to OK yesterday I’ll allow the 5 to 7 days and if still no birth certificate I’ll start on phone calls again. Beware you are not getting the service they claim to give.

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