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I call this company. I found them from Craig list. We have two houses, one in Niles il and second one in carpentersvill il my Niles house got sold and we had few pieces of furniture that we had to move to carpentersvill and when I talk to the owner he ask me all the things that we need to move and I gave him correct list, he wrote at down and we were in hurry so he told me that they are available same day. He send me the agreement and I agreed on it then I payed over the phone and once the movers come to Niles they said that elaptical machine is heavy so they will not move it and after and when I call the company to talk to their boss he said it’s heavy so you have to pay 250 dollars extra . I already paid 270.38 dollars. At last minute they said if you don’t pay we are not moving your stuff and left and now I don’t how I am going to find someone in this short time… I am including the copy off the agreement: QUOTE DETAILS: Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. Tel (773) 812-7359 (email address removed by admin) DARSHANA RAJPUT TUESDAY, JUNE 23 2015 Created: 6/23/2015 8:59AM Updated: 6/23/2015 10:41AM JOB INFORMATION: DATE: 06/23/2015 START TIME: 12:30PM-3:30PM CONTACT: Darshana Rajput MAIN PHONE: 331 575 6868 MAIN EMAIL: (email address removed by admin) ORDER ID: E1AOIPI9 JOB CONFIRMED? ACCEPTED ONLINE ESTIMATE DATE: NOT ASSIGNED ESTIMATOR: NOT ASSIGNED CLIENT ID: C1AOIPHB ( RESIDENTIAL ) ESTIMATE: QUOTED PRICE: $270.38 Pay Type: HourlyHourly Rate: $75.00Duration: 2.5 HrsMovers: 2Inventory Size: 105 CuFtITEM DESCRIPTION RATE QTY AMOUNTTAX HOURLY PRICE2.5 Hrs * $75.00 Per Hr$75.002.5$187.50YTRAVEL FEE$75.001$75.00Y $262.50SUB-TOTAL $7.88CREDIT SURCHARGE3.00% $270.38TOTAL ADDRESSES: PICK UP 1: 8104 North Ottawa Avenue Niles, IL 60714 Level: House DROP OFF 1: 3536 Carlisle Lane Carpentersville, IL 60110 Level: House INVENTORY: TOTAL CUBIC FEET: 105 ItemCuFtQtyTotalItemCuFtQtyTotal 1. Bench, Fireside or Pian5154. Elliptical20120 2. Entertainment Ctr. (small)201205. Computer Desk30130 3. Loveseat 30130 SUPPLIES: NO SUPPLIES REQUESTED NOTES: NO NOTES TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Terms & Conditions Payment in cash or by credit card (note: if by credit card, a 3% surcharge applies) Note: This quote is our best estimate of the time and cost of moving you with the information provided to us on the telephone. The final cost on the move date will be calculated using the actual time and materials used during the move and will be given to you on our completed Bill of Lading upon completion. At the end of the move we will collect payment for the full amount shown on the Bill of Lading. This is only an estimate. Should it be determined that there are additional items which the customer did not disclose at the time of the original order, the company and its movers or representatives reserve the right to amend this estimate to account for any differences in the time required or men to be employed for the move which results in an increase in the estimated amount to be paid. If the customer voluntarily cancels their move within 24 hours of the date and time of the move, the customer will be required to pay a cancellation charge of standard two hour minimum plus the travel fee. For all moves the customer will be required to furnish a valid credit card (or debit card, which is treated the same as a credit card) number, expiration date and security code which will be held until the move is satisfactorily completed, and the card will be charged at that time the amount on the bill of lading, or the customer may elect to pay cash. Damages and insurance coverage If any items are damaged by us during the move, we will make every effort to repair such items to their original condition. If repair is deemed to be impossible, then a claim may be made for payment under our insurance policy. The policy provides coverage of damages at $.30 per pound for damaged item (i.e. 100 lb item = $30 insurance payment). If the customer has items that are unique and/or very expensive to repair or replace, it is recommended that, prior to the move, they obtain full moving insurance coverage through a licensed insurance agent (suggest contacting the same agent who provides homeowners/renters insurance, please see some more information as to where obtain additional full value insurance coverage at our website), in order to obtain coverage for such damages at full value should they occur. MOVERS LIABILITY .

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