Walgreens Co Store #11786 Irvine California Review


Bought 3 products through this so called pharmacy 2 which were opened. Seems to me that this store doesnu2019t have the same values that the city that it resides in. When I asked for a refund over the phone I was put on hold for over20 minutes out of frustration I hung the phone up. Called again and no one picked up the phone went to an automated recording and listened to music for 10 more minutes. Which leads me to another important question, How is Walgreens able to conduct business or rather not conduct business in the safest city in America Irvine California? Who issues these companies business licenses . The City of Irvine and the Irvine Police Department both pitch their city in God like Grandeur as Americas Safest City! Well Iu2019m sorry I beg to differ! In my opinion I think when it comes down to the facts you have been negligent on how companies conduct business in your city. In my opinion a criminal can be a shoplifter or someone who sells products that have been opened and have been tampered with putting ones health in jeopardy.

5695 Alton Pkwy Irvine, California USA



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