Walgreens Culpeper Virginia Review


Walgreens is a corporate; therefore it only cares about the money they make. It seems that they have forgotten that there are too very important pieces that makes their money: customers and good employees. Customers who are not satisfied with the service they receive will not come back, so who actually make money for Walgreens? The good and caring employees.nI hurt my knee while doing my duties at work on April 5, 2012 and my EXA manager called Sedgwick CMS to report the accident. I was instructed to see a doctor and I told the person from Sedgwick that I could not afford medical bills, and she told me that she did not see a reason for them not to pay for it. I saw a doctor at the ER, who told me to stay off my feet for 2 days (Friday and Saturday) and go back to work on Sunday, which I did. Terrible mistake, my knee hurt so badly that I had the hardest time moving around. On Monday, I saw an orthopedic doctor who thinks that I torn a ligament and ordered and MRI to decide on the correct treatment. Long story short, Sedgwick denied my claim, saying that the equipment was not faulty, but that they normally pay for the initial doctor’s visit. Having no other option, I had to go back to work even being on excruciating pain. My knee has got worse, I cannot feel my toes, and because of limping and over stressing my right leg, I have started having back and hip pain, not to mention that now my right knee hurts too. nI called Ms. Marla Zwolan, employee relations specialist, who I have been trying to talk about this issue on April 14. She told me that she was going to contact Sedgwick and call me back on Monday, April 23, but she never did. I decided to call her back on Friday, April 27. After been on hold for 2 minutes, her secretary told me that Marla was not in her office. I left a message asking her to please call me back. It has been 23 days and she has never bothered calling me back.nI also called Mr. Tomas Rivera, employee relation/senior attorney, on April 27, left a 5 minutes and 12 seconds voice message, asking for legal advice. Today is May 15, 18 days went by and I have never heard back from them. I called Mr. Gregory Mathurin, Employee Relations/Manager today at 9:21am and had to leave a voice message telling him what has happened so far and that I would appreciate him calling me back. Let’s see if and when he is calling me back.nI have also placed several call to Sedgwick, but no one has called me back. Yesterday I received the bill from the ER in the amount of $963.17. Sedgwick representative told me that even when the claim is denied that they normally pay for the initial visit, but they didn’t. I know that I will be receiving other bills from that day like: physician and radiology, not to mention the orthopedic doctor I had to see who gave me a work note saying: “No work until follow up appointment

“” which never happened because I cannot afford having the MRI and the treatment that’s necessary.nI am writing it here and I am also writing a very detailed fact based article to send to the local newspaper. I believe that the community has the right to know how Walgreens treat its employees and them decide if they still want to keeping buying their products their. Employee Relation work for Walgreens and not for the employees. Sad but fact.”

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