WALGREEN’S Jefferson City Missouri Review


I am a current Walgreen’s employee. I work at Walgreen’s in Jefferson City,MO. I have been employeed for more than one year at my location. nDuring the course of my employment at Walgreen’s I have endured more than I ever thought possible from this corporation. I have had to report a prescription misfill and then was retaliated against for doing so by the pharmacy manager who filled the prescription. I reported the incidence and nothing was done. No investigation and not action taken to protect me. nI was sexually harassed by the pharmacy manager prior to his retaliation for the report regarding the misfill. I was not even able to report to corproate because at the same time, another employee in pharmacy (a tech) was having many problems with the pharamcy manager, he harassed, humiliated,retaliated and more on a daily basis. This was all reported to corporate and nothing was done. The employee was treated terrible by everyone for making the reports and caused others to remain silent after watching corporate and their lack of concern for her. They made her move store locations and nothing was done to the pharmacist who did all of this to her. nThe pharmacy manager sexually harassed me as well as other employees prior to the pharmacy tech’s problem and continued to get worse after nothing was done by corporate to help the tech who was clearly mistreated. nI was asked to participate in discrimination and after I refused and reported the incidence and spoke with my distric manager (Cosmetic district manager, Sandra Null) I was suspended without pay for 3 days along with another employee. nI, along with other employee’s from my store have reported to the Missouri commission on human rights to try to get someone to make Walgreen’s answer for some of what they have done. nAfter making all of my complaints known to corporate, loss prevention and the DM as well as the pharmacy DM. I was in the store when I overheard the pharmacy DM talking about me on his cell phone in the hallway of the bathroom in the store. He used my name and my friend’s name and said I needed to be “shut down”” and was trying to locate information about a personal friend of mine and told the person on the phone he was going to find her and tell her something that was not true to make me stop complaining. nI tried to report this and was only told to report it to Employee Relations

who I have already stated will not return my phone calls. I also reported that Employee relations has not asked any questions from me and has refused to investigate my situation at all. Still

I was referred back to them. nNo one in the corporation will advocate for employees. Clearly

if you have a problem there is no one to help you

as an employee. nI am expected to return to work as if none of this has taken place. It is a very hostile working enviornment becuase anyone that makes a complaint is treated terrible by others

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