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Complaint: I got called into the office b/c I was written up again. This time it wasn’t b/c of a cashier error. This time it was b/c of a seizure incident. At the beginning of April, I urinated on myself during my shift, so one of the managers, Mr. George, had a co-worker drive me home to change pants. Well, I was written up b/c the EXA, Mrs. Lejeune, told me to always keep a pair of pants in my locker just in case this happened b/c of a security issue–it would only leave 1 employee in the store. I had a pair sitting in my locker for a while, but pulled them out to take home to wash b/c they were getting dusty & wrinkled (I always have my pants ironed with a crease at the front). I guess I had forgotten to bring a new one back. Mr. George freely asked Mark to drive me home to change my pants without even asking me if there was someone who could bring me a pair. That guy Mark sent me a message a few months ago telling me that people at Walgreens were wanting me to quit, so I guess these seizures were becoming frustrating to them. Therefore, a few people believe that Walgreens is wanting me to quit, instead of having them fire me under illegal rights of my epilepsy. That write-up letter stated that the next time I didn’t keep an extra pair of pants in my locker, I would be TERMINATED from the company!! It seemed like I was justifying myself when I brought up this “wrinkled pants”” thing

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Address: but the main thing was that the current manager allowed Mark to do this

Website: which may keep me from holding on to my insurance policy. Other employees who have worked w/ the company for less than 1 year are receiving more hours than me–probably b/c they don’t have a load of seizures to deal with. On May 26th

Phone: although the manager knew that it was wrong. It’s almost like a manager telling you that it’s okay to put $100 in your pocket from the register and then firing you for stealing it!! I’ve made a few mistakes at the store

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