Wall Mart Sudbury Ontario


Complaint: I`need a good reason for Wall Mart to send out such a Rip off you have purchase the Basket ( the basket you need to purchase by Credit Card; and Only if you have a Credit Card you will receive the Basket with the Bonus Vouchers on top of it all ( trying to catchup with COSCO ) ! COSCO does the same thing and Finance the entire Stock for opening with Members Cash, now Wall mart needs Money and starts the same thing and Discriminate us for not having any Cards. This is criminal and needs to be Stopped before it all goes to far and all small Store Operators get Killed There is only $$$$$ sign es for the rich to get richer and the lower Class gets abused with the Misleading advertising, Quality, of there Products And Moore!!

Tags: Federal Government

Address: 4 Corner`s Sudbury, Ontario United States of America



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