Wally Ahrem – Holbrook, New York Men


So my wife got her mothers yearbook and wanted to look for her friends and met up with this piece of shit Wally on Facebook for the past couple days. I have already told my wife to stop messing with people on Facebook but I turn around in her messenger and find messages from this dirty old guy asking her if she continues to fool around with other people for sex and went on to ask her if she was willing to give a rim job to him… the next messages I read from this guy telling her that she’s would like his dick in her mouth and goes into say that she’s always horny and continues to ask where I’m at in relation to her… this guy Wally has children and a ex wife apparently but seems to get his jollies off asking for nudie pics and sending sex messages. I know my wife deleted the messages already but I’ve already messages this guy and told this pervert to quit! If anybody ever comes across this guy! Do yourself a favor and run… don’t walk but run!

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