Walmart MoneyCard Review


I have been a loyal client of this card company for over 2 years. Having deposited my payroll and my husbands payroll, we are both card holders. Every single tax time, our card gets blocked for malitious use when its just a federal refund sent in one of our names. They request information and we have sent them to them in two different locations and verifymydocs @ This has been day 4. when they said it would take two days. (started this thursday 2/12/15) This is the second time ive been on hold for over an hour to talk with someone first of all ENGILSH speaking and a supervisor. I will not wait 10 days when they oviously see that the names match from card holder to payroll to government deposit. By doing this block they have not only shut me out of MY money, they have our payroll checks up in the air and I am in danger of my bills being shut off because I cant pay them when i have more then enough to cover everyone. I cant get to it. Oh and the “malitious” activity was a 20 dollar breakfast, that me and my husband ALWAYS have every two weeks. i will be removing all my funds off this card when its unblocked and I will be never spending A single dime at a walmart store ever again.

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