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We purchased a $64K 2015 GMC 3500HD long-bed, dual rear wheel, crewcab, 4×4 from Vernon Auto Group in Vernon, Texas with a “lifetime” powertrain warranty from My Forever Warranty out of Cleveland, Ohio. We live in Colorado and Vernon Auto Group is over 600 miles from our home which amountw to 9 hours and 41 minutes of driving. We went there because of the warranty offer. First, it is not a lifetime powertrain warranty, it only covers the first 100k miles which is exactly the mileage covered by the manufacturer warranty. Why would anyone have dual warranties covering the same thing for the same mileage. Logically, the My Forever Warranty, should start after the manufacturer warranty expires which is what Vernon Auto Group lead us to believe. Secondly, the warranty is only valid at the dealership from which our truck was purchased. The dealership failed to inform us of that fact too. So in order for any work to be performed on our vehicle, we were supposed to drive the 9 hours and 41 minutes to get a routine oil change and tire rotation. Really? Thirdly, it doesn’t matter what service is being performed or where, you must call for authorization first. So if you take your vehicle into a GMC dealership for an oil change which isn’t covered by the warranty, but covered by the manfacturer warranty for the first 40K, you still need a My Forever Warranty authorization. If you don’t your “lifetime” powertrain warranty is invalidated. We faithfully took our vehicle to the Transwest Buick GMC dealership near our home in Colorado to have the routine maintenance done, keeping all the receipts to insure the warranty would still be valid after the manufacturer warranty expired. We are having a fuel leak problem and decided to call My Forever Warranty for the first time, a year after we purchased our truck, to get information on getting this problem resolved. That is when Bill, a My Forever Warranty supervisor, informed us that our warranty was invalidated because we didn’t take the truck to the dealership we purchased it from for service, and we didn’t get authorization from them to have work done. This “lifetime” powertrain warranty from My Forever Warranty is a gimmick to help dealerships sell vehicles. The warranty isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Don’t go out of your way to purchase a vehicle with this gimmick “lifetime” powertrain warranty, if you do you are wasting your time and money. As an aside, My Forever Warranty offers gap insurance as part of their gimmick but that is generally purchased that through your lender. We were informed by Bill today that we still have gap insurance even though our truck is paid in full. What a joke! .

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