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Complaint: i purchased a warranty from warranty usa on 9/13/2000 on my contract it said contact warranty usa or signet financial for refund information…on the service plan refund guarantee signet financial group, inc. agreed to refund the full purchase price of the service contract less a $180.00 administration fee to the original purchaser if the service plan ran full term and the benefits of the plan ran full term with the exception of emergency roadside service. As i have become totally disabled and had purchased a used 96 vehicle this meant alot to me. I had not used it and had a problem with my truck and upon calling found out i could not use it..the plan price being $1375.00 i paid for the repairs and have tried to find any contact since that time..my plan would expire 9/13/2003 or 112,511 miles. i had a claims hotline number 1-800-531-1909 and a claims department address 5695 yukon street, arvada co. 80002. i had warranty usa @1-800-441-6004 and was supposed to be secured by signet financial @1-800-474-4638 due to illness i had been away from my home for over a year so wasn’t aware there was a suit and hadn’t recieved any papers about anything of this nature..i reached a lady in vegas which gave me a website www.nvb.uscourts.gov but couldn’t get into it then went into goole and was able to finally get some information…i am faxing what information i have to john p. schafer @949-760-5200 and hope it isn’t too late. Mlee 78605, TexasU.S.A.

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Address: 1408 Fourth Avenue,Suite 300. Seattle, Wahington U.S.A.


Phone: 800-441-6004

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