Waterfront Limo Inc Jersey City New Jersey Review


This is a so called Black car/limo service based in Jersey City. They have 5 house cars, and the rest are part timers. First, the business side. Their cars are all NJ plates, but they use two cars (130, 46) to do NY to NY jobs which are illegal. They have limited accounts, which only one, John Wiley keeps them afloat which they are always messing up, and lying about the reason why. The Owner (Julio Clavijo) feels the drivers should lie when they get stopped by NY TLC, and say this was a NJ to NY Job. They been doing this for years. I dont think the NY account they have (Broadridge Financial) is aware of this, just have to look at the plate before you get in, and you will see NJ. For the staff, the drivers are always paid late, sometimes two weeks later, as well as dispatchers. They work out of a shack in the back of a mechanic shop that use to house tires. The celing leaks all over, and and the place reaks of B.O. I was a salaried employee working part time and disabled. The owner decided to dock my pay because I took a personal day Thanksgiving week, which i still have two personal day’s. he was informed a week before, and my treatment days changed. There is no one running the business because he’s usually not there, or preoccupied with the mechanic shop. He hires for a position, then expects the person to do everything for the business, but not pay them more. He also wants you to Market his company with a $0 budget. Also 3 or 4 wemen that worked there has filed sexual harrasment. I’ve seen the owner harras a potential client to the point she had to say I have a boyfriend. Why would a potential client ever feel that way? Wemen should stay away from this place.

184 Bay st Jersey City, New Jersey USA



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