Wawanesa Insurance Complaint


Dear Sir or Madam: RE: Claim # 659682 I had a non chargeable accident on 2.20.09 where I had a rear end collision and the car was totalled and the claim settled accordingly. On the other hand, I sustained some injuries and incurred medical expenses in the amount of $1, 700 (appromixately). The claims adjuster Mr. Steven Bryant from my insurance company, Wawanesa Insurance Co. informed me that I would be reimbursed for the entire amount upon completing a Proof of Loss Form. I did it accordingly and promptly dispatched it by Priority Mail on 7.20.09 and he received it on 7.21.09. He then left me a voice mail message asking me how I want the reimbursement check sent to me. I called him back to let him know that he can either send it by priority mail or Second day air and asked him to give me the tracking number. He agreed. But it has been one week and I still have not received it. I have been calling him everyday to check the status but he keeps giving me one lame excuse after another. Prior to this, he told me in late June 2009 that he had mailed the Proof of Loss form. After 10 days, I called to let him know that I had not received it. Then he said that he sent me another one. I waited for another three days and still did not receive it. He told me that he sent me another one and again didn”t receive it. Finally, I set up a fax machine at my home and asked him to fax it to me and I received it immediately. By all his evasive actions described above, I have a lurking suspicion that he doesn”t want to pay and frustrate me until I give up. I thought that I could bring it to your attention and seek your advise about the next course of action. If you can please let me know at your earliest possible convenience, I would appreciate it. Thank you, Sincerely, Ben Srinivas

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