Wayne G Scott (Tree Service)


Keeps making excusing for over a month


My Complaint: Had 2 guys come by the house to see if we need any trees cut down, they were in the area looking for work. We had already decided to call someone about this when they showed up. Wayne Scott wrote up a contract (that has no name or company on it) said they could do the work we needed for $2000. Needed 50% up front. Wrote a check, (made out to Wayne Scott)? on a Sat. & asked him to hold it until Tues. He immediately cashed it at a local store near by. ?? Should have known something then! Why didn’t he give it to the office on Monday?? Since then, we have spoke briefly the first week then have received response text from him every week with a different excuse why they haven’t been to the house yet. This has been going on for 6wks. Will not return your call nor answer, always goes to vm. To make matters worse, we called our Mother to get her trees taken down & she also wrote him a check for $500. After doing some research on line, found out his license from yrs ago has been revoked and he told us he was licensed & insured. This is our first time experiencing this kind of situation and would give anything if I had checked him out first!


My Demand: Want our deposit money back in full for us & our Mother

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