Wayne Peterson – Stevens Point, Wisconsin Men


I’ve known Wayne Peterson for quite a few years and he’s always been known as a cheater. Around 4 years ago he married a woman I went to high school with they are still married and have a son together. Wayne has never been faithful in his marriage from day 1 he’s been on numerous dating apps and Wayne doesn’t always use his name on the dating apps, he’s known to use fake names and fake pictures he’s even used his own sons name on a few dating apps. ( look at pics above for a few of the dating apps he has out there) Wayne Peterson has even tried to contact me a few times and the first thing he tries is to get nudes. Remember Wayne is married with a son on dating apps, texting woman trying to get nudes. Wayne is 27 years old and he served our country for 4 years cheating on his wife the entire time and as soon as he came home after his 4 years he’s been known to lie to her, hide things from her, talk to woman behind her back, exchange nudes with his other loser friends. If Wayne Peterson gets a nude from you he will send it to his friends how disgusting. Let’s remember Wayne is 27 years old and married but he likes to act single, I’ve seen him in bars and summer festivals many times without his wife and son and no wedding ring. He’s always with or around different women. Wayne Peterson is 27 years old and hasnt been able to hold a job since the service, he currently lives with his parents and is driving a friends truck around. This is a warning for all women in Stevens Point and the surrounding area to stay far away from Wayne Peterson and remember women he’s married with a son and tells his wife on a daily basis he wants her and their marriage while he’s walking around town acting single.

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