Waypoint Vacation Co-op Toronto Ontario Review


I received a call from a rep from Waypoint Vacation saying I had won a free trip to Hawaii. I had filled out a ballot at anothe trade show. To receive the travel vouceher to Hawaii I had to attend a “travel show””. I had received two phone calls and two texts within 36 hours to register for this show. I already knew that something wasn’t right. When I got there today

I was first seated with a sales rep who tried to get to know me after filling out a questionnaire. I then had to sit through a one hour sales pitch given by an elderly british woman who showed us the benefits of investing in a Co-op travel company that takes your money as an RRSP with tax deductions. The prices were unrealistically low…$150-$300 per week for hotel/condo stay in many places around the world. If it is too good to be true…it is fake. We were to sign on the spot in order to get the best deal. No chance to take the info and get advice from accountant or financial advisor. I told my sales rep i have no interest in signing on the spot. He tried to woo me with fancy figures that he had memorized. I told him I wasn’t signing and wanted my free voucher. He then presented me with another form/waiver to initial and sign to agree to things about the voucher that I hadn’t even read. I told him …not interested…and walked out. The whole thing was a scam. Beware. If it is too good to be true…walk away. However

they must sucker stupid people in to their scheme as they are very smooth operators. Waste of two hours but glad I could try to expose these scam artisits.”

5250 Satellite Drive, Unit 17 Mississauga, Ontario Canada

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