Wealth Dragons & John LEE


if i could turn the time back and just checked the reviews about JOHN LEE and WEALTH DRAGONS….pretty enough to understand they are SCAM !!!!

They target people who dream, use psychological tricks to get them to 2 000 program, then to 15 K and so on.

They DO NOT deliver

what’s on the program is FAR what you get in reality

All I heard is all you can get FOR FREE…. on internet and YOUTUBE

Half of the time, he talks about how he was proud of his wife….grrr about himself…..and reviews ( how would u know they are REAL??? probably lies too)

You have been warned.

They run ads to have social following- and that’s how they sell their programs. Where the money is coming from- people who buy their programs…

Wealth Dragons are SCAM. John Lee is SCAM

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