Web Marketing Guru Complaint


Date of Incident 6th of October 2019. Please don’t ever use this company. Big rip off !!! They can leave your website high and dry. I have wasted my time and money. They get there job done in Gujarat India and false claim to be doing things local in Melbourne. The sales guy will comes along with his Boss to do the big talks. When they have your money they are gone and you are at his mercy. Try contacting boss many times via phone and WhatsApp for help ?? later found the boss had blocked me!!! No one knows who is doing what !!! today you talk to one person… next day he or she has quit and you will end up with someone else and this story goes on !! When you sign up with them for a website, they will do everything to slow your website as much as possible so that you stay with them for SEO related job with no choice. I an now on the stage of seeking refund or going legal.

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