Webjet Marketing North America Review


Purchased a ticket for grandson Archie Keith Robert Sanders on 03/01/18 and as ticket done after grandfather Robert John Burns on same date the system corrected Archie, s surname to Burns as well. This was not picked up until much later and when steps to rectify were taken was told this would not be possible as due to international flight a new ticket would have to be purchased and no refund could be given. My daughter purchased a new ticket and was told to claim on insurance even though my Grandson, s new ticket with booking through Virgin was connected to our tickets as a 5 year old cannot travel on own. Told by both company”s that surname could not be changed and new ticket had to be purchased and no refund given. When replacement ticket purchased for the cost of 750 plus as a 5 year old cannot stay home alone! And also cannot travel alone under terms and conditions of trave. Spoke to Nathan and Jasmine today to try and rectify and was told stock standard this was the rules? I stated I was from a banking background and as soon as ombudsman brought in there was auto fine of serveral thousand no matter what result and that I wanted this flaw fixed so that this did not happen to anyone else. After paying an extra $750 plus being told could get no refund and then being promised refund so long as booking was in same incorrect name and being told that it was human intervention that incorrect name was loaded instead of autofill even though my daughter knows name of her son, you explain to me where the error lies, why it cannot be fixed more easily and why anyone else has to endure the expense and hassle to fix. My daughter was told that even if this was picked up 5 minutes after this occurred this would have no different result by all parties involved ie virgin airlines and Webjet.

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