Wedding Plantation Review


Hello. Let me start of by telling everyone that this place is the worst wedding place you could ever find. All my groom’s men ordered a designer tuxedo. Keep in mind this is all of us first time renting a tux. We asked them what their budget tuxedo looked like and they showed it to us. Very horrible looking tuxedo. Would make most brides very. So we didn’t want that tuxedo and asked the lady( Kristin) which was the next tuxedo up in price. She showed us a black Stephen Geoffrey tuxedo. It was a little more in price but very nice. We chose to go with that tuxedo. Well we were in a hurry and went to pick up the tuxedos. After getting back home, we put them on and realized that they have us they’re budget tuxedo. I called and complained and they lied and said that’s what we ordered, which is not true at all. They weren’t willing to do anything to fix the problem and almost acted like it was funny that it happened. We spent 700$ for what was suppose to be my perfect day and totally got scammed and ruined my day, our pictures, and all. I hate that this happened, but most important, I hate that they weren’t willing to come to an agreement to fix it. Please do not ever go to this place. By the way. The tuxedo they gave us, feel completely apart and I had to re sew the buttons myself. Horrible experience and I will not stop until something is done to make this right. .

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