Saint Clair Shores Michigan Review


Here is my exact experience with this company, as copy/pasted from my email exchange with them:*Hi there,I need to cancel the order below completely, as I’ve decided to move in a different direction. Thank you!*No response *Hello,I sent an email yesterday to cancel this order (below) but no one responded, then payment was still pulled from my bank account today. Please advise?Thank you*No response 2 DAYS later:*Hello,This is the third email I’ve sent to cancel this order. Is there a reason no one is responding, and I am still out $225? What now? I’m expected to pay to ship an order back that I clearly cancelled, before it was fulfilled? The remarkable thing is that my request has been sent to three different email addresses, and STILL, no one is responding. I mean, seriously. Seriously?? My mother contacted you immediately after I placed the order to add another shoe, and boy! Someone was right on top of THAT! Well… for a minute, at least. Then, whoever it was must’ve fallen asleep, because the shoe was never added, they never responded again, I ended up writing to cancel, was ignored, and charged for shoes I don’t want. This is a complete and utter failure. Give me my money back, now.And suddenly, someone responds!!**Your order has been cancelled and a refund initiated with Paypal. Please keep in mind that we do not have any control over how quickly Paypal will refund your account. If you have any further questions, please take it up with them. Please do NOT contact us again with your immature temper tantrums. You are wasting everyones time.** Now, this person is acting as if they’ve already refunded my payment, and that PAYPAL is to blame for it not being there. Except that the email immediately following this one was from Paypal alerting me of my refund. So basically, someone was reading my emails all along and just… not responding! Then when I finally get angry and convey that anger in a final email, someone decides to reply and call me names?? They take my money, ignore me, then accuse me of wasting their time!? Also, please note that I paid for two day shipping, and as it turns out, THEY NEVER SHIPPED THE SHOES. My order status is still listed on their site as “Payment Received”” The shoes would be here by now had they been shipped when they were supposed to be. Also? When I went to file a complaint with the BBB

I found 5 other complaints filed in the past year alone.Unreal.”

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