Wells Fargo Merchant Services Review


As a small business owner, I was open to the idea of taking credit card and debit cards for payment, however being a small business the profit margins are sometimes small and finance fees for running cards could take all the profit if I didn’t find the right fit. While shopping for credit card processing services, I came across Wells Fargo Merchant Services in a Wells Fargo bank. The personal banker and Wells Fargo Merchant Services rep, sold me on the idea that there would be no monthly fees and I would only be charged on the interest rate and card swipe fees. Sounding to good to be true, I had Wells Fargo Merchant Services document this offer into an email. Fast forward six months into the service, I am getting fees drafted every month, even when I don’t take any credit card payments. I go to the Wells Fargo bank where I signed up for the services at, and I am informed that they can not handle any complaint or concerns with the Wells Fargo Merchant Services, and that I must call the rep who signed me up. 5 days later, I have still not heard back from the representative. Wells Fargo and there merchant services branch both lied and decieved me, charging me fees that aren’t in any of the paperwork I recieved from them when signing up. Long story short, if your looking to take credit cards, stay far far away from Wells Fargo, or you will be making them money on your dime.

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