I ordered Wen hair product online for my wife. A supposed one time purchase with a money back guarantee. Little did I know that this site is known for their bad business practice through the several negative videos I have found on this Wen Chaz Dean company after the fact.
According to the representative at Wen Chaz Dean, if you order the products online, you will be charged and have new products shipped to you at regular intervals unless you cancel. Which according to the rep, the customer must agree to before being able to order the product.
That is why I say they use Small Print Tactics. They insert this detail hidden amongst a huge disclosure type writing knowing that a normal shopper would not expect this from a supposed reputable company. They claim that once you buy their product online you automatically agree to have the product shipped to you at a reqular frequency and have your credit card charged accordingly. I cancelled when I discovered that they had put a second charge on my credit card.
Now I receive an email stating that now that I have cancelled I have a balance due of 134 dollars when the only product I have received to this point is the original (which is already paid for) and which was going to be returned for a refund in the first place.
DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH WEN CHAZ DEAN.. I demand complete and full refund due to the websites on faq of 100 percent money back quarantee. I don’t recommend them

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