Wendy Caby Delmotte – Camdenton, Missouri Missouri


Wendy Caby Delmotte is married and works at a local gas station here in Camdenton, Mo. She has always been friendly to me, inviting me to hang out with her and apparently even more friendly with my husband and other husbands every chance she got. This past year has been extremely stressful on my husband and I due to extraordinary circumstances. But regardless of the situation we have always had a crazy, sexy, passionate and amazing sex life which was why I was surprised when I started to get that feeling. You know the one, it’s that gut feeing something is bad wrong. So I started paying attention and taking notes as to his Facebook and phone activity. Some friends asked me to go out of town with them for a few days. After some thought and much encouragement from my husband to go and have a good time (which was not at all normal) I decided to go. I noticed while I was gone Wendy was “liking” all of my pictures except the ones directed to my husband about how much I loved him or missed him. I also noticed the quotes she was adding to Facebook about failed love and staying strong and bs like that. And then, I absolutely knew when I came home to fresh cleaned sheets. He would never do laundry. I then went into full blown investigator mode. I started posting random cheesy love stuff about my husband and I. Every time I posted she immediately changed her profile picture to an ugly, disappointed face picture of herself. Started noticing they were both on and off Facebook, all day at the same times. || So finally, I did it. I hacked into her Facebook messenger account. And it was all there. Devastation, anger, sadness hit all at once. And I was also surprised. He has always said he didn’t care for tattoos on women and his biggest pet peeve is nose rings, she had both. But apparently you can overlook all that when you’re just wanting one thing. I began watching their conversations and screen captured much of it along with the nasty pictures she would send him. I watched other conversations as well which she was having with other men. She would take a nude photo and close ups I wouldn’t think anyone would want to see and send them not only to my husband but others at the same time. It was disgusting. I began taunting them both on Facebook posting quotes which gave clues that I knew. One morning I sent her a “thumbs up” on messenger and then a few minutes later sent the same to him. Then I would watch them discuss it between one another. They knew I knew, yet they continued messaging and I continued taunting them. But it tortured me as well, I was heartbroken and devastated. I finally confronted my husband. He admitted everything. He said we had a huge fight one day and he went into the gas station and there she was flirting. He said he knew she was easy, she was there and he started talking to her. He admitted to having sex with her in my house, in my bed, while I was on vacation. He said it was definitely not worth it. He said it was the biggest mistake of his life, that I was the most important person in his world and that he would do anything to try and make this right. So we chose to move forward. || Before we began that process I called and told Wendy’s husband but I believe she probably lied her way out of it. I was and still have been tempted to post the nude photos she sent on a public forum. But, I have not gone to that extreme with my anger. Moving forward after an affair is so hard. My confidence has been stomped into the ground. It’s so hard to trust anything I am told. I am so angry, so much which has caused some big fights. But I also know how amazing we have been and how he has stood by my side though some tough times. So I am trying. Everyday I have to try so hard to be ok. And what is Wendy doing? Well, she I’m sure has moved onto other local married men. That’s been her history. It takes a special kind of whore to be friendly to your face while luring your husband behind your back then waiting for the moment she can slip in your house to have sex with your husband. If you live in or around Camdenton, Mo be aware of this woman. I know she is not much to look at and its hard to believe it could happen to you but it can. I never believed it would happen to me.

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