Wendy Davis – Newnan, Georgia Georgia


My husband moved our entire family to a different state for his career. 1 year later, he cheated with a co-worker. I forgave him when he cried and said he didn’t want to lose me and his daughter and he swore to stop seeing her. After that, I caught him 4 different times lying. He never stopped seeing her. He lied to me for 4 months (until she got an apartment for them, she left her man for my husband.) The time came for it to stop, I literally begged him to stop, for our families sake. He got mad at my tears and screamed it was over. I told him to leave (thinking he would come to his senses) he moved in with her and her 3 kids the next day. Because of this I got evicted (I was a stay at home mom for 12 years) he filed for divorce and tried to get custody. He had the money to get a lawyer, I did not. During this, he made her quit her job to be a stay at home mom. Meanwhile during this divorce me and my daughter were going from hotel to my daughters 2 bedroom. My daughters dog had to be put in bording. I am a diabetic for 3 years, he dropped me from his insurance. In the end, I found a place to accept me with my eviction. I had to represent myself in court. I Won!!!! All I can say is KARMA gonna get them both… forgot to mention. My kids (his step kids) had him as a father figure for 12 years! And my 3 grandkids he was their PAW PAW. The day he pulled out of our driveway was the last time he had seen any of them. To this day he acts like NONE of us ever existed. Except our 11 yr old daughter.

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