Wendy Hodges – Hobart, Indiana Indiana


This Military Wife lives in Murray Kentucky most of the time with her husband (Tristan Hodges), but unfortunately when her husband is stationed away she comes back to her home town of Hobart, IN to stay with her mother and Aunt. The house next door to her Mother is occupied by her cousin and while she is visiting she pursues a continual affair with her cousin’s long term boyfriend. Neither the cousin or her husband are aware of this ongoing betrayal but a series of text messages from her last visit to Indiana in June of 2017 were discovered where she is discussing meeting up with the boyfriend and “not being good,” as well as driving around the block to avoid being caught… these messages also contain discussions of the possibility of the boyfriend leaving the cousin and BDSM references….but why go through all that work when you can have your cake and eat it too….not only do I feel bad for the cousin but I am absolutely appalled at the how disrespectful it is to her husband… while he is serving our country and protecting our freedoms he thinks his wife is faithfully waiting for him in the safety and security of her family but unfortunately this is a special low life to not only cheat on her husband, disrespected a soldier, cheat with her cousin’s baby daddy and still be able to look them all in the eyes and play innocent… snake!!! Attached photos are of her and her husband, and also a collection of photos of her found on the boyfriend’s phone…..I hope that one day the truth about her betrayal is brought to light, her family deserves better then this……….and FYI: rumor has it that she is planning on another visit to Indiana this July…

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