Wendy Varnedore Shattuck – Palatka, Florida Florida


We had been friends since highschool, or so I thought, she had played the role of a good nuturing friend throughout my ex fiancee and my relationship. Truly I should’ve seen the red flags when she bragged about sleeping with 3 of her other so- called friends relationships… anyhow the whole time I was with my ex she was sleeping with him. I wasn’t driving at the time so she’d drop him off and stuff. She had the audacity to come back to my house and shower afterwards always claiming she was either on her period or with her own boyfriend. Time after time I’d get suspicious something was off, when I confronted her she’d blow up at me, and tell me everything she felt was wrong with me. Then she’d stay away for awhile and tell everyone how I was a nutjob, and thought everyone wanted my man and so on. even more sickening when I was giving birth to my ex fiancee’s son she lied and told everyone I cheated on him to justify what a nasty piece of shit she is… and by no means, am I just laying it all off on her, but she was supposed to have been my best friend, but the tramp doesn’t even know the word. The ironic part is she always like to run around claiming what a good Christian she is and tell everyone else how piss poor their morals are.

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