Wendy Zheng – Fremont, California California


Wendy used to be my confidante. Both of us were massage therapists. So we knew each other in our working place. In the beginning, I and our coworkers had very good impression on her. She was diligent and hardworking person. She often came in a little bit earlier than others and made the working area clean and neat. Since I had same kind of personalities as she had, so we hit it off very soon. We often went shopping and 24hours Fitness together. I also introduced her as the best friend to my husband once when we met in 24hours Fitness. Late, she was very interesting to know how I was married with the old white guy. I told her just wanted to have a company and didnít need to pay rent. Also I told her that he was a nice guy but just such a scrooge because we had a prenuptial agreement which he separated all his properties and money. He didnít want to offer any to me at all. Then Wendy told me she knew a very good lawyer who was specially to know how to hand the divorce case with this kind of agreement. She also mentioned one of her friend got a house from her divorce which was the lawyer helped to win the case. As the November was coming, Wendy moved to another massage therapy place. When I called her to go shopping or to go 24hours Fitness together, she always told me she was very busy and had different working schedules. I felt she didnít even want to talk with me. I tried to think I did say something she didn’t like or I did something wrong to her. But just couldn’t find out. In the meantime, I found my husband actively went to 24hours Fitness by himself and even didn’t tell me. My husband usually was very lazy and never went to 24hours Fitness by himself. Every time we went and I needed to push him a lot. Also currently when I wanted to have sex with him, he always told me he was very tired even I used my hand or my mouth help him. He just couldn’t do it. I just felt something a kind of strange. Was there any coincidence related these two phenomena with my husband? I decided to find it out. The only thing I could do was to discover when and why my husband to go 24hours Fitness by himself. Very quick I found he went to 24hours Fitness every Thursday in late afternoon around 4 or 5 oíclock but other days were at his will. On the coming Thursday, Nov. 26, I decided to tail him. I was off from my work and went home around 4:15; I called home to confirm he was not out yet. Then I parked my car behind shrubs and waiting he was out. Around 4:40, he was out with his sport bag and got in his car starting on his way. I followed his car and soon I found he was not driving to the 24hours Fitness we usually went. Instead he was driving to the one close to Newpark Mall. After parking my car, I was sitting in my car and saw he walked into 24hours Fitness. Waiting for around 15 minutes, it was getting darker. I walk to 24hours Fitness and searched him from outside windows. I saw him walking on a treadmill and also talking to a lady next to him. I was totally surprised and shocked. The lady was Wendy, my best friend. I was head smashed. Taking several deep breaths and trying to cool down myself, I started thinking they were both here just coincident or they were really to have a dating. I was watching them through the windows again. I saw my husband touched her hairs and shoulders and she didnít have any unwilling for his actions. I understand what relation they had lately. But I still wanted to know how far they were going. I was back to my car and waiting for them to come out. After a while, they came out together and were holding each other hands. They got in my husbandís car and drove on the Cedar Blvd. Not far passed Mowry Ave, he stopped his car in EZ 8 Motel parking lot. Wendy was waiting in the car and my husband went to the motel lobby. Minutes late, my husband was out and waving his hand to Wendy. She was out his car and walked to my husband. He kissed her and held her waist, they went upstairs. I saw them both into a room and closed the door. I felt my blood was blasting up to my head and something was heavy on my chest to congest my breath. I had no idea how long it was passed for the terrible darkness moments which I never had before. I tried to open both side windows of my car by my shaking hand, let the cool wind blow into my car to make me clear-headedness. The lights were still on in the room they were there. I just didnít want to think what my best friend and my husband were doing. Just let them go to hell. I was glad I still could drive home safely. In this moment I needed to think how to deal with my husband and our marriage. After several months, as a single my life was back to normal. What I hear that my former husband was not dating with Wendy anymore because he knew she had boyfriend. Sometimes I was still thinking what kind of person Wendy was. As my recall, some Wendyís behaviors should tell me that she was very fickle woman. Couple times at the massage place I saw a customer grabbed her butt and another one just touched her breast before to say goodbye. She just moved their hand away with alluring smile. Also in 24hours Fitness, I saw an old white guy flirting her around with horny eyes. But it looked like she was enjoyable for his actions. All these should notify me that I should keep her away from my former husband. I hope someone else will be her homewrecker if she is married. Also her husband could be a cuckold if she is still doing as a fickle woman.

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