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Complaint: My daughter worked at Wendy’s and was never given her check for the first week. When she asked the Asst. Manager she was told that she would receive it in 2 weeks. She did receive her check in 2 weeks but the amount was incorrect. She brought it to the Manager’s attention and the manager said that they had to send her first check back because she didn’t pick it up. Duh! Why didn’t she give it to her when all the other checks were given out. I know now that the Asst. Manager cannot read English therefore she sent it to the home office…who knows how that fast food place operates. This was my daughters first job and she was not aware of the scams these 2 individuals were up to. I work 2 jobs myself and really didn’t have time to get involved. I’m still struggling to make ends meet. I have called the Wendy’s and spoke to the manager and still today I have not received my daughters check in the mail. How hard is it to put a stamp on it and mail it. The name and address is on the check. I can’t believe Wendy’s is so desperate that they would hire someone who can’t speak English and make her an Asst. Manager. I don’t have a problem with non-english speaking people, I have a problem with individuals that cannot perform and learn the native tongue “English.”” I have a problem with people taking advantage of young individuals that respect their elders and take their word. There are still young people out here that do rely and respect their elders and trust them to make the right choices. Then people want to complain when young people disrespect them.”

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Address: 12421 N. Mopac Expy. Austin, Texas United States of America


Phone: 512-834-0376

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