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BEWARE Homeowners, and potential sales agents of West Construction Group, owned and operated by George. My name is Charles, and I have been working for George as a sales agent now for 6 months. I am writing this review to shed light on the unprofessional, disorganized and dishonest way in which George at West Construction operates. I refrain from using the word scam, as I do not believe in inaccurate or exaggerated statements and claims. However, George at West Construction may not be scamming homeowners, but he is NOT fulfilling his promises to them. He is not completing jobs and taking far too long to finish all the work promised to the homeowner. West Construction will drag out insurance claims at the homeowneru2019s time and sales agentu2019s expense. When property is destroyed in hail storms, insurance claims are a headache, but a necessary evil. What I believed West Construction would bring to the table was a thorough claim to help the customer get all damaged property repaired in a timely and professional manner. Georgeu2019s responsibility is to facilitate all the moving parts of the claim to complete the job as quickly as possible. As I began working for George and submitting claims through his company, West Construction Group, problems began to surface about 3 months in. Jobs were not getting finished and customeru2019s homes were being left a mess after his crews would come through. I attempted to follow up with George on completing these jobs, but constantly got the run-around or brushed off with statements that he was handling it. As a sales agent, we were not being paid until the job was completely finished. This was not explained to me by George and came as a slap in the face as the majority of funds are paid up front to West Construction Group. Weeks would go by, and homeowners would call in frustration because the work had not been completed in full as promised. Fences left undone, gutters still needing to be done, or a screen that needed to be replaced still not done. Thus, leaving the remaining work of the claim and final payment unfinished. Customeru2019s also began calling claiming their home was left riddled with nails and construction mess after the roof was completed. I personally cleaned up a customeru2019s yard as nails left behind had cost them a flat tire on their car. When I alerted George to these situations, he stated it was my job to clean up any mess left behind by his contractors?! Anyone would know, that it is not a salesmanu2019s job to clean up construction sites. Job site clean-up is exactly what West Construction Group is responsible for overseeing as the contract company. In regards to completing final work on claims that were being dragged out months longer than necessary, George would either ignore my calls, or tell me it would be done next week. Too many claims have been left unfinished for far too long, causing stress to the homeowner, when it was our job to handle everything in a professional and timely manner. I had no control and could not help any of my customers that were frustrated. George the owner and operator of West Construction Group will not pay sales agents properly, and I learned this the hard way. George originally explained claims would be handled quickly, starting with the roof within days of the first check coming through from the customer. As I waited for payment, he was vague and gave me the run-around, finally telling me after 3 months that sales agents do not get paid until all the work is completed. This was a slap in the face, as no sales agent can survive on this type of cash flow. It has turned out to be George getting paid and paying himself for the roofing portion, and leaving the final work undone so he would not have to pay his agents right away. My only conclusion is that George uses commission monies to pay himself and fund the next job. Essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul due to his inability to manage business properly. He pays himself before funding the remaining work of claims or paying his sales agents. Finally, George agreed to give us advances, leaving no record of payment and denying us the final monies owed. As I try to collect final commissions, which is a large sum of money, he cannot even tell me how much we have been u201cadvancedu201d to date. How can a business owner claim they do not know how much they have paid their sales reps? Or know how much his sales reps are owed? Lack of organization, paying himself first, with no real office, secretary or assistant, payroll system or infrastructure in place. As I said, West Construction Group is not a scam, but a terrible company to do business with or have work done on your house by. The best example I can give in regards to how little care or concern George has for the quality of work performed, is when his fencing contractor proceeded to power wash and stain a fence by going over and around the barbeque instead of moving it. The customer was in disbelief and shock. When I went out to investigate, I was left speechless. We shared a laugh, and I had to beg George to get someone else out to completely redo the fence properly. The first customer I ever brought to West Construction Group 6 months ago is still not completed to this day. Thus, showing the lack of professionalism or follow through on promises given to homeowners. I represented West Construction Group and was embarrassed at my own inability to complete these claims in a timely manner without causing hardship to the homeowner as promised by West Construction Group. The industry standard is to complete these average sized claims within 2-3 weeks from the first check being issued. George claims he has been in business for over 20 yearsu2026.see official business profile directly copied from online below. (972) 730-2594 West Construction Group 2 years in business 3415 Custer Rd Suite 196 Plano, TX 75023 EMAIL WEBSITE Additional Email Addresses [email protected] See Less Contact Options See More Contact Options Find a Location BBB File Opened: 05/07/2015 Business Started: 02/20/2015 Business Started Locally: 02/20/2015 Business Incorporated: 02/20/2015 in TX Type of Entity Sole Proprietorship Business Management u00b7 Ms. Brittany Halley, Owner Business Category u00b7 Roofing Contractors u00b7Contractors – General u00b7Commercial Roofing u00b7Contractor – Metal Roofing u00b7Windows See More Business Categories See Less Business Categories Alternate Business Names u00b7 WC Group, LLC u00b7 West Consulting Group

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