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Unethical practices by Mike Wangle, General Manager of WPB Kia. On February 29, 2016, I was assigned to the Internet Manager role at West Palm Beach Kia by the General Manager, Mike Wangle. Mike Wangle told me that I can be the “hero” by fixing the issues we had with the Internet and to be on top of sending emails to bring customers in and keep track of everything. During my campaigns which are “TRACKED” and “RECORDED” in less than a month I’ve brought in enough customers that resulted in 17 vehicles sold by our sales consultant’s at the dealership. I was excited to see the BDC Director visit WPB Kia in March, 2016, she visited to talk about helping getting the dealership back on track and who had the best interest for the dealership, during her stay she saw my “vision” and we masterminded about further growing the dealership with our combined ideas and plans. Mike Wangle heard of our conversation by one of the managers that heard about my conversation… The conversation was about talking to the new owner and introduce the concept that it would be a good idea on expanding our goals together. After he heard he moved me back to the sales floor to sell cars again, Mike Wangle explained in his office to keep my “goals and dreams” to myself and to not say anything to the new owner. Not only that but he told all the managers from both used car and new car sales department to talk to me about not saying anything AT ALL.. What type of “GM/leader” even thinks this way?? Who would stop such talent?? Mike Wangle during our meeting mentioned that the Internet is not his “style” and that it only works for the new millennium who are buying online… Not only that but the managers got really mad at me for even wanting to talk to the new owner Darryl about my goals.. It hurts because I want the best for this dealer, I believe it can be #1 again but not with this type of leadership brought by Mike Wangle. Please avoid doing business with Mike Wangle, the General Manager. He betrayed me today by firing me after he insisted that I should stop working their for not selling cars in March.. How ironic, put me in the Internet Department to fix all his issues for almost an entire month than use the excuse later that I “didn’t sell cars” as a way to fire me even though I had only a few days on the sales floor to sell cars, I have other “employees” who would LOVE to testify on my behalf and theirs about his unethical practices. I want the Government to be involved in this and the media, i will testify against Mike Wangle, I have witnesses as well and a strong following.

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