Western Horizons Resort Pahrump Nevada Review


We can’t even stay there because they don’t have 50 amp service. Most of all the parks have been sold that we would have used. We paid 5,574.00 for our membership, and we can’t even use it. We feel that we should be reimbursed the money we paid for a worthless resort membership. We pay our dues every year, and for what????? We purchased our Western Horizons Resort membership for 5,574.00 on 10/15/2010. Our home park was Charlston Peak in Pahrump Nv. We planned on using these parks when we retired so it would be cheaper to stay, since we are fulltimers. Now most all or the parks have been sold and they even sold our home park, and changed it to Gunnison Co. We can’t even use this park because it only has 30 amp service. I feel we have been ripped off by this resort and paid all this money for somthing we can’t even use. I would like to be reimbursed the $5,574.00 we spent for this resort. We pay our dues every year and for what!!!!!!

103 West Tomichi Ste 201A Gunnison, Colorado USA

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