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My wife and I “purchased” a vehicle that had low mileage and appeared to be a great vehicle from Western Motors (*WM). Unbeknownst to us the vehicle had 3 saftey recalls. Because *WM was not an authorized dealer of the manufacturer of the vehicle we purchased a few days later we took the vehicle to the nearest authorized dealer to correct the recalls. Unfortunately we were able to get 2 of the 3 recalls repaired. Approximately five days after the purchase of the vehicle we were called by a Finance Manager from WM that said, “We need you to return because the bank did not approve your loans under the current terms and what we need is 5% more on your existing APR and No Warranty if you want to keep the vehicle.” My wife who initially took the call informed WM representative that we were celebrating our teenage daughters birthday and informed that we can arrive the next day when they opened. WM Finance manager conveyed that he did not care if it was our daughter’s birthday and if my wife did not get her “ass” to the dealership on that very day that he was going to repossess the vehicle. We volunatarily returned the vehicle later that same evening NOT because we were intimidated by WM’s Finance Manager but because we want no association with such a business. Interestingly two of the employees we spoke to appeared not to be the least surprise. One employee stated, “[Sigh] again?” Fortunately we were refunded (w/a check not the cash we paid) for our deposit. However, WM wanted the original contract and all copies (Very interesting). Recently we discovered that WM is selling the vehicle for $1000 more after we returned it. I can only advise for any potential buyers to do their research, not just getting feedback **online but actually talking to people in the local area. I have been informed that WM does carry a campaign to go online and mascarade as satisfied customers and write multiple positive reviews. .

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