Westgate Resorts Alabama Review


During My Honeymoon we visited Las Vegas and it was great, we stayed at the 4 Queens on the stip. During our stay we were confronted at one of the main enterances by a westgate employee that wanted to share with us there vacation packages. We went along to hear what they wanted to sell us & it seemed reasonable. We could not afford to purchase there full vacation membership as it was a rediculous price however the sales rep. told us would could do a trial only 25$ per month for 1 year. so we agreed, after 5 months making on time payments I had lost my job. At this point we called Westgate to let them know we can no long pay on this account and asked if we could cancel the services, the collections rep told us we can mail them a letter with the reason we can no longer make this payment. we did and enclosed my layoff letter i had recieved. after a few weeks go by i recieve a letter in the mail that my account was past due and that i had 10 days to catch it up before it was sent to collections. At this time I called westgate and talked to the lady from collections and expressed my concerns, she understood and said “I understand

between Morgage and vacation”” and said she would transfer me to there sales rep to see what he could do. When the man came on the phone he verified all of my information then asked what i need

i repeated my concerns and without skipping a beat said “”would you like to catch up your balence?”” It is completly apperent to me that this company has no regard to familys lives

over 25$ per month for 7 more months for a discounted vaction package that we have never used nor are going to be able to use due to not having any money to even go on vacation

just cruel. I will never stay at these hotels nor spend any money on any subsidiaries……EVER! And if you value your familys quality of life I beg you to not fall into there traps.”

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