Westgate Resorts Fort White Florida Review


We purchased out timeshare at Westgate Resort, in July of 2007. We have made payments on it, and have three weeks coming. We have been denied access to using it. Every time we call them to book, they say they are completely booked up, and try to make us pay to go a different resort in the same state we live in. We have not been able to use this timeshare even one time in all these years. nWe owe approximately $3,500 on this timeshare. We have tried to sell it, and can’t. We just want to get this thing off of our hands, as it doesn’t seem right that we should pay not only our monthly payment, (we are up to date) but taxes and maintenance fee for a timeshare resort we can’t even book. EVER. nWe don’t want to ruin our credit by just stopping payment. We need some help, advice, ANYTHING!!nThank you!

2801 Old Winter Garden Rd. Ocoee, Florida United States of America




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