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Bought a cadillac suv from whitestone finacial in december. first day i bought power steering went out. took it back to dealer and he sent me to their mechanics that he has to work on there cars. next day engine light was on. took back to dealer sent me back to their mechanics. Mechanics said they fixed problems. Next 2 days power steerig fluid was leaking all over the ground. told dealer told me to takeback to their mechanics. 1 week later power steering and car will not stay cranked.Now Im pissed off. Feel like I have been scammed. said I needed a new breather for the car because machine showing a bad sensor. I paid 96 dollars for this to be fixed. and mind you car still under warranty but money coming out of my pocket. driving to work car hard to steer. Call dealer he told me to take back to mechanics. Now they tell me the the power steering rachen pension is gone. it cost 400. The sad part of it is I took other people to them. they having problems too. One person I took the engine light came on 1st day. Car had to continue to go in shop for 3 weeks. Engine light continue to come on. I have tried to reach a owner or someone in charge so I can tell some one of the issues that I have had. .

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