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Complaint: A hunting outfit whitetail heaven outfitters tress passed on our little 11 acres, there web site says they have rights to over 50,000acres! They acted like bullies! They made me feel like I trespassed on there land! Lol!! I received a call from the owner saying you don’t know who you fu*$ng with! I was caught off guard because my family only has a 11 acres! It turns out that the hunting company had bought the hunting rights surrounding our property and they decided we are going to hunt on your land too! So they get 2 properties for 1! Bullying! What am I supposed to do? Be careful with these guys! They acted liked they were on something alcohol or drugs? I don’t know. Scary!!!

Tags: Homeowner Associations

Address: Internet USA

Website: whitetailheavenoutfitters.com/


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