Whitney Bentancourt-Gurule – Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico


Whitney Bentancourt-Gurule is the biggest HOMEWRECKER that I have ever met in my entire life. I met my boyfriend November 2012 (we made it official January 2013) and 2 and a half years later, we had our 3rd home together. My boyfriend’s brothers had told him about the “underground street racing” at night and he would go out with them. In the last week of August 2015, my boyfriend and I got in to one of our worst fights. He left for work, never came home and changed his relationship status to “single” I called him crying. He said “I’m not trying to date anyone else. I’ll still be here for u, just give me some time, I love you…” And The SECOND he changed his status to “single” she messages him, sending him thirsty a$$ messages about how she wants to hook up. 2 weeks later, he shows up at my house. He said he had to be honest about something. “I’ve been hanging out with this girl,…” And I asked if they had sex. When he said yes my whole world was over. I wanted to throw up and die. The only person that has ever gotten close to me, has betrayed me worse than anyone ever had. He’s my only real boyfriend and I feel a connection with him that I don’t even believe can be replicated between 2 other people. Me and him were something beautiful, something unique. A muted song that only 2 people can hear. He held me, and he cried, saying he was so sorry that he messed things up… He said he broke things off with her. He assured me that she didn’t mean anything. He said she was just “super thirsty” and wouldn’t stop messaging him. He said she’s 30 (we were 20 at the time) and addicted to heroine and had a bunch of kids she couldn’t take care of. After I had sex with him, he would ignore me frequently whenever I called or texted but he would see me 2 or 3 times a week. Always at my house. On my birthday (November 5th he even bought flowers, dinner, and a tattoo) I eventually got an overnight job at Wal-Mart on top of my 50hour work week in Santa fe. It kept me distracted as well as on track with our house payments. Then one day, one of his friends, Thomas shows up at home. He tells me Whitney is still a thing. I message my boyfriend but his only response is anger towards Thomas for telling me. I drank until I threw up that night. I never really ate again after that. I had a strict Mickeys-only diet. I would just drink until I passed out at first. It’s all a blur, but again, I know my boyfriend was there at my house once or twice a week… I eventually lost the house and started living in my car around January 2016. With 2 jobs, I managed to save $4000 to take a week off of both jobs and see my favorite band (it’s extremely hard to be happy when your boyfriend spends all his time with some HOMEWRECKER, proof money will not buy happiness). I thought of killing myself in the hotel room so I’d never have to go back but when it came down to it, I didn’t have the balls. I’ve been to the hospital 6 times (that I can remember) because I tried swallowing full bottles of aspirin and almost died a few times… By June 2016 I moved in with my brother, my boyfriend would come over almost every single day. One day, he ignored me, and I knew it was because he was with her. He sent me a screenshot of him ignoring all her texts, and since I had her number, I thought I’d tell her what I thought of her. I sent pictures of me and my boyfriend from the past few months to prove my case. She just said “hows my pu$$y taste?” I wish there was something I could do to get her back but I already know she’s heartless, soulless, and sleeps with every guy that looks at her. Such a shame how floozies have no respect for anyone or anything.

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