Whitney Davis – Jacksonville, Florida Florida


As a person who used to be Whitney Davis’ best friend I can honestly say she is the lowest of the low. Not only is she sleeping with her married cousin, but she is also sleeping with her now married x boyfriend. On top of that she has been sleeping with another one of our friends husbands and continually tries to trap him by playing the Im pregnant card. Unfortunately she is now really pregnant and telling each guy that they are the father. She is sleeping with 3 married men at one time, and I’m only talking about this month, not the past! Pathetic! she has successfully ruined 2 out of 3 of those marriages and has been spreading STDs around like candy. But she doesn’t care, she will do and say anything to get a man to have unprotected sex with her just so she can have another kid. She lives off of the child support, state help, and of course her mommy’s wallet. She is a true example of trash!

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