Whitney Elaine Dickerson – Tiger, Georgia Georgia


My boyfriend of 2 years has a child with another “woman” Whitney Elaine Dickerson. He was faithful in the beginning but since he’s a narcissist, his true colors quickly showed. The day he started hiding everything from me was the day I knew that he was cheating on me. It took me two years almost to finally get physical proof that he was sleeping with her behind my back. She had spent months trying to be my friend and trying to convince me that she was not doing anything at all like that behind my back. I finally saw a message from her to him saying,”maybe I should just move on, you look at her like you love her and you don’t want to have sex with me as much anymore.” Like b#*ch are you seriously mad because it “seems like he loves me?!????” I WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND FOR 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

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